China Customs launches upgraded online declaration and payment system

China Customs launches upgraded online declaration and payment system


Since this July, China Customs has been applying nationwide what it said is a “new-generation” online payment system for duties and fees that enables a “one-stop online declaration and payment” for faster customs clearance.

Utilizing systematic networking between customs, the state treasury, and commercial banks, “this new online payment system has achieved paperless, automatic and intelligent payment,” said China Customs in a statement.

“By using the ‘Single Window’ or ‘Internet + Customs’ platform, enterprises can pay duties and fees through the new online payment system, without logging onto any third-party platform, thus enjoying customs-clearance formalities in the one-stop manner,” it added.

It noted that Ningbo Customs District just had its first declaration with duties paid through this improved online payment system. Recently, a company made a declaration, using the Single Window platform, to Ningbo Customs for importing plastic particles. After electronic verification of the company’s declaration and processing of its duty payment, its goods were immediately inspected and released, said China Customs.

At present, the new-generation online payment system can be used to pay import/export duties, anti-dumping duties, anti-subsidy duties, import VAT and excise tax, the fund for disposing of electric/electronic waste products, deferred duty interests, and fines for overdue payment, among others.

The system can also be used to sign trilateral electronic agreements among enterprises, customs, and banks.

Additionally, the new system has integrated the previous two instructions of duty withholding and actual deduction into only one instruction of duty deduction, optimizing the operational procedure and raising efficiency in payment, said China Customs.

Photo: MoD


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